Alcantara Bridge in Spain

The Alcantara Bridge, more commonly known in Spain as Puente Trajan, is one of the oldest and most important Roman bridges in the world. Built between the years 104 and 106 CE, out of stone, after an order from the Roman Emperor Trajan, in 98, the bridge is an important historical landmark in Alcantara, Spain.

The years that have passed by since the construction of the bridge have not made as much damage as the Spanish themselves, during wars. A small arch on the left side of the bridge was destroyed in 1214 by the Moors. The second arch was blown up twice by the Spanish, first in the 1760s order to stop the Portuguese invasion, and then again in 1809 to stop the French, after it has been repaired by Charles III. In 1860, the temporary repairs made in 1819 were replaced with mortared masonry.

Sightseeing near the Alcantara Bridge

The Bridge of Alcantara is not the only tourist attraction worth visiting in the small municipality of Alcantara. There are many other sites that tourists must see, including the Convent of San Benito de Alcantara, dating from the sixteenth century, the remains of the Moorish walls, which have been modified and restored during the Middle Ages. The Convent of St. Francis dating from the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries and the Church of Holy Mother of Almocobar.

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Address: Alcantara, Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain

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