Si-o-Se Pol in Isfahan, Iran

The Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, translated as the bridge of 33 arches, is one of the most famous bridges in the world, renowned for its beauty and for the remarkable architecture. Located in the city of Isfahan, in Iran, crossing the Zayandesh River, the Si-o-Se Pol Bridge is probably an iconic image of the Safavid bridge design, and one of the most famous sites in Iran.

The Si-o-Se Pol is more commonly referred to as Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge by the locals. The name comes from Allahverdi Khan Undiladze, the chancellor who commissioned the bridge. The bridge was built of stone and bricks, and the designer commissioned to create the bridge in 1602 was Shah Abbas I. Though the bridge was formed of forty arches at first, the number gradually decreased to 33. The base plank which stands at the start of the bridge is larger, and supports a tea house.

Sightseeing near Si-o-Se Pol

The city of Isfahan is one of the most beautiful in Iran, renowned for its outstanding medieval architecture. The Imam Mosque, the Sheikha Lotfollah Moque, the Hasht Behesht Palace, the Vank Cathedral, the Aliqapu Palace, the Chehel Sotun, the Khomeini Square, the Khaju Bridge or the Khomeini are only a few of the many sites for which the city of Isfahan is recognized. Tourists will love to relax in a time-honored coffee house and taste the traditional gaz, which is a nougat mixed with chopped pistachios.

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