About Lookbridges

At look bridges we aim to bring you the most comprehensive and interactive guides to bridges possible. We have information on bridges across the world and list the details of different bridges , landmarks and countries on our website!

Look bridges was founded partly due to a love of engineering and through the desire to educate people on engineering projects as well as important structures such as bridges. Bridges can connect communities , cities and provide a means of transport across water serving as an invaluable asset where ever they are found. We hold information on over fifty different bridges located in various locations across the world.


Our Mission

Our mission /aim for this site is to provide you with information about bridges and their importance within today’s society. Bridges can play an important role in the world and this website is partly a hobby but also made with the intention on helping to educate people further about the overall benefits of bridges.

As well as providing information about bridges dotted across the globe we also regularly update this websites blog in order to keep our users up to date with the latest relevant information as well as articles relating to new technological and business advances that could benefit society as a whole. Our blog incorporates information from different sources and can be used as an information source.

Leaving A Lasting Impact

Part of our reason for this site coming into existence has been leaving a legacy for younger generations and to inspire future engineers. It is important to remember the engineering of the past and what it has done for society today. We hope for future generations to use our website as a source of information and motivation to work hard towards goals throughout their lifetimes.

Inspiring and educating future generations is one of our key fundamental principles and something we hope will be continued in the future.

We welcome feedback on our website and blog overall and strife to keep it updated with the best and most relevant information we can produce. If you would like to provide us with any feedback or speak to any of the team please contact us