The greatest innovators and thinkers the world has to offer questioned what the world believed in. Unwittingly and unknowingly our perception on life has been moulded by what we see and hear. As necessary as a pathway to follow is, questioning this pathway sometimes is what makes people great.  You spend 12 years of your life in a building full of people who inevitably become strangers 10 years later. The question persists- how far of this path can I waver?

Why Failing Can Be Good

Our entire life we use failure and unsuccessful as synonyms, blind to the fact that life isn’t according to the textbook, but I suppose going to a school for 12 years taught you it was. Schooling as a conventional system has multiple reasons why it is good for you and society; our mistake as students for 12 long years is assuming it is enough to teach us everything. A diploma in our hands and we think we have won- a year later sitting in a dorm and you feel useless and contemplating dropping out. Multiple universities around the world have a 6% drop out rate. Why then? Why do we not feel our usual confident selves when we are at university? School taught you to come up with solutions when asked in a method instructed and life does not know how to do that.

Everything You Do Not Learn in School

You play the ‘game of school’ and then you are thrown into the game of life.

  • Everyone is growing old, not everyone is growing up.
  • You do not need an instruction manual to get you through life. The way taught is normally right but there is room for error and blind faith is detrimental.
  • A degree does not equal Money. A bachelor’s degree does not secure you a job. No part of your application form to university had that as clause. Money is subjective to so much more than a degree. People sit down at home on a computer and make a couple of thousands every month. Websites run by people dedicated enough have known to make a monthly income of up to $80,000.

Your life will not go in the pattern that you expect and you have no control over that.

  • Not having control is okay. It is okay to go with the flow sometimes. Trying to have a 5-year plan does not take into account so many things. The world has 7 billion people and we are constantly affecting each other with our decisions. If you take a moment to look at the bigger picture, you will realize how absurd it is to try to control so much. What first grips you when you think a thought like that is fear, but let it sink in because there is so much freedom in accepting the things you cannot change.

Life is a really long time and you cannot expect to have understood it by only sitting down for one segment.