The competition is constantly growing and the current job market is getting tougher to survive in day by day. The first impression you cast is what decides your fate in a company. Many a time, people make the mistake of barking up the wrong tree and not telling an employer what they want to hear.

When you are trying to land a job there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Actions speak louder than words- When Nina Mufleh made it her prime target to land a job at Airbnb she made a resume that showed she cared. Pointing out countries that the company had not tapped into, how they should and why made Airbnb’s CEO knock on her door. She had begun working for the company before they even saw her resume. This same resume that got Nina recognition from Airbnb, gave her calls from Uber, LinkedIn and more. Companies are impressed by actions that prove you are smart, focused and driven; not just textbook words that have been hashed for years.


  • Be informed and be you- Trying to be the ideal target may just take away from the fact that you already are. Creativity and being different is what gets you noticed. Even when you think your resume could be easily overshadowed, adding some personality into it could make you outshine everyone else. Deborah Orgel who is a cartoonist drew her entire resume just like a comic strip and grabbed the attention of every company she went to. She gave them the information they wanted and she also gave them her own creative self that no one else had


  • Know your brand- Being able to clearly explain what makes you the right fit helps the employer believe you are passionate. University is not just a degree, what makes you special and what you did that no one else even thought of. The degree is already on the resume. Your strengths, likes and skills are factors that could win any employer over if you know how to market yourself and tell a story. No employer is a robot and we are all looking for something that we will not forget. If you give an unforgettable interview, that will outshine a double major or a higher grade. Rather than being just your resume, leap off the page and tell your story.
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