Learning to drive can be a huge undertaking. Both mentally and financially. Luckily there is a way that you can learn to drive in only one or two weeks. Intensive driving courses are not for everyone but they have huge benefits. Intensive driving course prices can actually be very affordable. The nature of the payments also allows for easier budgeting.

Read on and find out why we think intensive driving course prices are incredibly reasonable.

Overall Cost Of Learning To Drive

As the months go on, the cost of learning to drive can multiply and multiply. Driving lessons cost, on average, £24 per hour. This can mean £100 to £200 per month depending on how frequently you like to have your lessons. Often, this method can be harder for budgeting as you have many small outgoings that add up to a really quite large amount. Considering it is recommended that you have at least 40-45 driving lessons before you sit your test, this can be well over £1000 and that’s before you add in the costs of your tests and the hours you need to pay to use your instructor’s car.

Intensive driving course prices can actually be very affordable for young women.

Intensive Driving Course Prices Include Test

A great benefit of intensive driving course prices is that many companies, like All Pass Driving, will include the price of the driving tests in the overall cost. This means everything can be paid at once and will allow you to set up a payment plan or pay in bulk. Budgeting will be far easier with this method.

Learn To Drive In A Week

If you pay the intensive driving course prices, you will have the huge benefit of learning to drive in just a week or maybe two if you need more time. This can be hugely beneficial for individuals who are applying for jobs or who need to find new ways to work out family transport. It can also just be a preferred way of learning for many individuals. Due to the short nature of the learning course, you do not tend to forget any of the stages as you are continually recapping and remembering. In traditional 1hr per week lessons, you can forget a lot from week to week.

Other Ways To Cut Costs

Another way that you can cost the intensive driving course prices is by choosing to learn with a friend. All Pass Driving let you do this, and give a significant discount to each learner undertaking the intensive driving course.

On the road after paying the reasonable intensive driving course prices.

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