New Bridges in the US


Three new bridges will be constructed over the Brazos and Colorado Rivers in the Houston-Galveston area. The Brazos River bridge, a major piece of the new roadway project, has had its share of bumps along the Brazos. Hurricane Harvey did not help the situation. Storm surge from Hurricane Rita and Tropical Storm Allison also caused problems. Some parts of the new bridge were damaged beyond repair because of flooding during those storms. A new bridge should be completed in about a year, according to officials.

The new Brazos and Colorado River bridges are the latest additions to a long list of projects in the Houston-Galveston region that includes the Bayou Subdivision Bridge, the Brazos Street Bridge, the South Padre Island Bridge and the North Padre Island Bridge. These projects represent the next phase of improvements that have been made in these areas since Hurricane Wilma hit the area. When the new bridge is complete, the South Padre Island will be connected to the new roadways by way of a roadway known as Bayou Road. From there, visitors can travel through beautiful Botanic Park in Galveston. The Bayou Road will include bridges that cross the San Antonio River, connecting Galveston Island to Brazoria County. The South Padre Island will have bridges that connect to the city of New Braunfels, the city of Victoria and the city of Houston. The bridge also is intended to provide an easier route from Houston to Victoria.

As the Bayou Road is being constructed, a new bridge is being planned for the City of Houston. It will be a two-lane bridge. It will be located between Bayou Road and Houston Avenue in the Heights, directly behind the Houston Chronicle building. Construction of the new bridge will start immediately after the new Bayou Road bridge is built. The new bridge is expected to be done in late fall, with its opening in late April or early May of next year.