You see a lot of cars and vehicles these days that are branded and have advertising on them. These car wraps can be a perfect addition to your business and benefit it in many different ways. Here are the benefits of vehicle wraps in Glasgow.

vehicle wraps glasgow

Cost-Effective Advertising

Vehicle advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising currently out there. The exposure and reach that you can get from a vehicle is second to none. An average of 3,000 people will see your car wrap advertising per day, this number could go even higher if the driver was regularly in a city, such as Glasgow. With vehicle wraps lasting up to 5 years, that’s is a lot of advertising for your money.

Protects Paintwork

Inevitably cars and vehicles are going to wear and get damaged over time. Vehicle wraps protect the vehicles original paint and the over-laminate used extends the life of the car wrap itself. Protecting your paintwork from minor scratches and scrapes.

vehicle wraps glasgow

Preserves Value

It is most common for companies to buy in white vehicles and spray paint them with the company colours and logo. While this can be an effective method, it’s not as effective as car wrapping. Spray painting a vehicle typically ends up costing more than car wrapping, this is because you will have to pay for the design work and will need to be returned to its original colour if you want to sell it. With vehicle wrapping, the design is already integrated and it’s done in one go, it can be removed in a matter of hours.

Projects Professional Image

Car wrapping will give your fleet a look of professionalism, as well as helping to establish and maintain brand identity. Vehicle wraps in Glasgow let potential consumers know that you care about your business. We way your cars and vehicles look says a lot about your business, vehicles that are dishevelled and tired looking do not give off a good first impression.

vehicle wraps glasgow

Match Existing Colour

If there is a specific colour that is already incorporated in your branding, you can get a car wrap to match. Any RAL or Pantone colour can be used in the design, with some companies creating custom colours when asked. Existing artwork and designs can also be matched if you have a pre-existing design.

Removable Vehicle Wraps Glasgow

Another big advantage of vehicle wraps in Glasgow is that it is quick and easy to remove, when you go to a high quality company that is. Due to the high quality of material used, you can rest assured that the wrap will leave no trace behind. Getting a poor quality car wrap could be more difficult to remove and even cause damage.

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