Globalisation is real. Companies are now set usually set up in multiple countries. They will have offices throughout the world. This has afforded us with more opportunity to get out there and explore the globe. It’s now easier than ever to get hired for a position halfway across the globe than ever before. More people are taking this opportunity than ever, but it can be a difficult situation to adjust to. Below are the top tips to keep in mind when it comes to working abroad.

·        Ask if Your Company Can Help

A lot of employers will have plans in place when it comes to relocating an employee. Once you secure that promotion or new job, make sure to ask if they can help you with relocation. This can be done in several ways. They may have temporary housing to put you up in, help with visa applications or even some money to help you get settled down. People at the company will also be able to clue you up about local culture, laws and taxes so that the process is as smooth as possible.

working abroad

·        Research Company Culture

An important aspect to look in to is the culture of the company you are going to work for. Even if you are transferring within the same company, the chances are that the culture is different in this new location. Look in to things such as the work-life balance they have. A lot of countries have things such as different working days and time allowed for holidays.

·        Working Abroad: Visas

Knowing the terms of your visa is very important. While companies will usually help you with the application process for one, make sure that you are clued up about them as well. If you happen to leave the organisation you are with, how long will the visa allow you to stay in said country for? Knowing this is very important.


·        Get to Know Local Language

This can be for both moving to a country with a different language and moving to one with the same. Obviously when you are moving to a country with a different language it is going to be tougher. But – for example – when Americans move to the United Kingdom factors such as local slang and accents can get in the way. This will get better over time as you adjust, however make an effort at the start and it will be a much smoother process.

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