Forth Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Forth Bridge is located in Eastern Scotland, only 14 km away from Edinburgh and it spans over theForth River. This beautiful bridge was constructed in 1890 as the longest cantilever bridge in the world.

Get to know the Forth Bridge:

The bridge which links Edinburgh to Dundee was built following the Tay Bridge disaster, when 75 people people died.  It was thus built to be as solid as possible, using the cantilever principle.

The Forth Bridge is a railway bridge only. It is often confused with another bridge which spans next to it, the Forth Road Bridge, built in 1964.

It is not a wonder that even after more than 100 years, this bridge remains a reliable structure, carrying around 200 trains over Forth each day. To this outstanding performance, the very careful maintenance of the bridge, which costs 2, 2 million $ each year, had a great contribution.

Once known as the longest cantilever bridge in the world, it was dethroned in 1917 but it still stands as the second longest to this day.

This bridge still is the pride of Scotland and represents an engineering wonder, having requested 54,000 tons steel, 50 tons of cement and, sadly, the life of 57 workers (though some sources claim that there were as much as 98).

What to see near the Forth Rail Bridge:

The Forth Road Bridge is yet another very beautiful structure over the Forth River. This bridge is located very close to the railway one.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, provides enough touristic attractions to fill several days of a tourist’s journey to this beautiful land.

Accommodation near the Forth Rail Bridge:

The Brook Queensferry is located 1.8 miles away from the bridge and offers 3 stars accommodation in Fife.  The check-in is at noon and American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted.

The second closest to the Bridge is the Inglewood Guest House, located 2, 6 miles from the hotel, on the opposite side of the river.


Address: Edingurgh, Inchgarvie and Fife, Scotland