Greatest Bridges of All Time

Throughout the ages, man has developed ways to bridge the gaps between physical obstacles. These bridges are a vital part of the infrastructure in different regions worldwide. In addition to being stunning landmarks, these bridges have also played an important role in spreading knowledge, development, trade, and transportation. Here are some of the most incredible… Continue reading Greatest Bridges of All Time

Öresund Bridge in Öresund Region, Denmark – Sweden

Öresund Bridge (or Øresund) is an impressive structure and has the unique purpose of making the connection between two countries, Sweden and Denmark, by crossing the Øresund Strait. It is located between Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden and represents an amazing piece of architecture. About the Öresund Bridge Interesting to know: The plans for the construction… Continue reading Öresund Bridge in Öresund Region, Denmark – Sweden

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Rail Bridges Repair Info

Inspectors often find hundreds of rail bridges need extensive repair. Inspectors also discovered corrosion in concrete pillars, steel anchor plates, rusting girders, and other holes that allow debris to fall through the structure. All of these problems led inspectors to declare some of the bridges in “fair” condition, a higher rating than structural weakness. They… Continue reading Rail Bridges Repair Info

Scottish Bridges Need Engineering Companies Glasgow

The bridges in Scotland go through a lot, what with the persistent weather and the constant footfall and traffic levels. All bridges all around the world need constant maintenance, and there are several engineering companies Glasgow has to offer that specialises in the upkeep of bridges. Glasgow as an engineering hub has alot of professional services… Continue reading Scottish Bridges Need Engineering Companies Glasgow

A Guide To Pedestrian Bridges

A pedestrian bridge is typically a bridge intended only for pedestrian movement. The main purpose of a pedestrian bridge is essentially a structure that connects two points at a certain height above the ground. As the name implies, a pedestrian bridge can also be an elevated structure, like a boardwalk, which allows pedestrians to cross… Continue reading A Guide To Pedestrian Bridges