The Roman Bridge in Trier, Germany

The Roman Bridge is located in Trier and it spans over the Moselle River. This bridge is the oldest in the country and thus, it represents an inspiration for artists and a popular touristic attraction for the rest of the world.

About the Roman Bridge:

The oldest city in Germany, Trier was founded in 2000 BC by an Assyrian prince. The settlement was conquered by Romans In the 1st century BC, receiving the name of Augusta Treverorum.

Years later, in 17 AD, the first bridge (in wood) was built upon Moselle.

The first stone bridge in the region was built in 71 AD. The ruins which can be seen to this day a bit downstream from the bridge which stands today upon Moselle is a testimony in this respect.

Although it is called “the Roman Bridge”, only its pillars are actually Roman. They were built in 144 A.D. Only 5 of the original 9 pillars remain today.

In 1945, the Roman Bridge faced destruction. The troops of Gen. Payton were ready to bomb it, but the structure was such an easy capture, that the bombing was not needed anymore.

There is no fee at the entrance on the bridge. You may cross it at any time.

Attractions near the Roman Bridge:

It is easy to imagine that such an ancient city must be rich in landmarks and beautiful ancient structures and buildings. And Trier does not disappoint visitors:

Aside from the Roman Bridge, Porta Nigra is the most important treasure of Trier. The amazing gate which dates from 180 AD was built in giant stone blocks (of which the biggest in 6 metric tons) and with the help of the geniality of Roman masons, thus making it strong enough to be able to stand even today, almost 2000 years later as it did in the old age.

Other attractions include:

The Cathedral –which stands upon the place where the largest church of Christianity was once facing the world and which still contains fragments of that original structure within its body,

The Roman Imperial Throne Room– standing 33 meters high and representing the last remaining single-room structure of those immemorial times (charged entrance),

The Amphitheater –where gladiator games were held (charged entrance)

The  Forum Baths, the Imperial Baths, the Monaise Palace, the Old Harbor Cranes and many other monuments, buildings and places of inestimable cultural and historic value.

Where to stay near the Roman Bridge:

There are many hotels within the perimiters of Trier. The closest to the bridge, located 200 mters away, are the Hotel Restaurant Constantin and Hotel Restaurant Römerbrücke.

Address: Romerbrucke 54290 Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate