What Are the Most Famous Bridges in the World?

So, what are the most famous bridges in the world? These iconic structures were built around the world, but which ones are the most iconic? You might be surprised to learn that a suicide spot is actually on one of these bridges. According to some estimates, up to one thousand people have jumped from the bridge into the water. If you’re a suicidal person, you should probably avoid this bridge.

Throughout history, humans have built bridges to connect two points, but some are more than just functional. Some are architectural and engineering masterpieces, while others are simply beautiful to look at. Take the time to check out these amazing bridges. There is a beautiful one out there for you to admire! Here are a few of the most stunning:

The Great Belt suspension bridge is the longest bridge outside of Asia. It is one of the longest bridges in the world and is part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. It is also the longest bridge in the world and is part of the Great Belt Fixed Link, which is comprised of three bridges. In addition to the Great Belt suspension bridge, this project also includes a railway tunnel and box grinder bridge.

The smallest bridge on our list is the Bridge of Sighs, located in the Italian city of Venice. It spans the Rio Di Palazzo and connects the New Prison with the interrogation rooms of the Doge’s Palace. The bridge is eleven meters long and was built between 1600 and 1603. The architect of the Bridge of Sighs was Antonio Contino, the nephew of Antonio da Ponte, who also designed the Rialto Bridge.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: The longest bridge in the world, the Akashi Kaikyo bridge spans the Akashi Strait between mainland Kobe and the island of Awaji. Its main span is nearly ten meters wide, which is almost as high as the Eiffel Tower. The bridge has six lanes and can carry nine million cars annually. Despite its size, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is still one of the world’s largest.

The Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia is an iconic bridge of the Ottoman Turk. It spans the river Neretva and connects the two sides of the city. It was destroyed during the Bosnian War in the 1990s but was rebuilt by the local government using the same design. It is known for young men jumping from the bridge into the river below. The water is extremely cold, and only the bravest of those skilled enough attempt it.

Another one of the most famous bridges in the world is the Tsing Ma Bridge in Singapore. It’s the largest cable-stayed bridge in the world and spans more than one thousand feet. It’s made of special stainless steel and was built over two years. It is touted as an engineering and architectural marvel. It costs almost a hundred million dollars to build and is the largest suspension bridge in the world.