Is Bridge Climbing Illegal?

The bridge climbing illegal behaviour can range from minor trespassing to actually breaking and entering a property that is owned by a certain entity like rail bridges, and you can be fined or even need a solicitor to avoid legal repercussions. Trespass is not in itself a criminal offence, however, there are some offences in… Continue reading Is Bridge Climbing Illegal?

Bridges In Norway

Bridges in Norway is a popular tourist destination and they are an essential part of the country’s tourism development and infrastructure growth. The main bridges include the bridge to Kastalen, the bridge to Blyde River, and the bridge to Skokkloster. The most impressive of these is the span of the River Eskilstuna, which stands 9… Continue reading Bridges In Norway

Are Refrigeration Companies Surviving The Lockdown Of 2021?

Across the globe, in response to the unprecedented global pandemic there has been large numbers of restrictions, shutdowns and actions being taken in order to reduce the spread of the virus. This has led to countless businesses collapsing, many people losing their jobs and also changing consumer habits in addition to spending which has changed… Continue reading Are Refrigeration Companies Surviving The Lockdown Of 2021?

Öresund Bridge in Öresund Region, Denmark – Sweden

Öresund Bridge (or Øresund) is an impressive structure and has the unique purpose of making the connection between two countries, Sweden and Denmark, by crossing the Øresund Strait. It is located between Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden and represents an amazing piece of architecture. About the Öresund Bridge Interesting to know: The plans for the construction… Continue reading Öresund Bridge in Öresund Region, Denmark – Sweden

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