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A Guide To The High Lift Pallet Truck

The high lift pallet truck is a form of equipment widely used in a number of different industries across the UK. One of the main reasons why the high lift pallet truck has become so popular overall is its ease of use and effectiveness in its role. In this guide we will look at the […]

Stunning Bridges Around the World That You Need to See

We love bridges here at lookbridges, and what better way to showcase our appreciation for some of the worlds most impressive bridges than with a round-up of our favourites. The Humber Bridge, United Kingdom The Humber Bridge was completed and opened in 1981, and at the time held the claim to fame as the longest […]

Workbenches For Garage Not Just For Engineers

We love bridges here at this site, and we are connected with people from all kinds of different working backgrounds.  We even know a few bridge designers and people who work on the bridges themselves.  Engineers are always looking for new ways to make their job easier and faster, so if there is a solution […]

The Future of Bridges

There is no shortage of breath-taking bridges around the globe: London Tower Bridge, Pont du Gard, Millau Viaduct, the Golden Gate Bridge to name but a few.  But these bridges and almost every other bridge on the planet were built for one reason and one reason only. To get people or vehicles across land or […]

Pipe Cutting is Essential For Modern Bridge Design

This website serves as a catalogue or engineering marvels all over the world.  There are old bridges and new bridges, and even although they all serve the same purpose, they all do it differently.  Some bridges cross water, while other cross vast valleys, and the environment that it is designed to work in plays a […]

The Tay Bridge Disaster

In 1879 on the 28th December, a violent storm swept across Scotland.  On the East coast of Scotland lies Dundee, and the Tay Rail Bridge which spans the river Tay, a vital link for Dundee and Edinburgh. The storm raged over the bridge as a train crossed over it and the bridge collapsed and the […]

Indian Restaurant Glasgow Merchant City Influence On Your Business

The influence which trips to the Indian restaurant Glasgow merchant city can have on your business should not be understated. Companies can regularly fail to fully appreciate the importance of their business providing their employee with motivation on a regular basis. Companies who underestimate the need for their firm to do all they can to […]

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