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Common Uses Of Pontoon Bridges

In the past few decades there has been a tremendous increase in the number of uses for pontoon bridges and their unique designs. Most notable among the many uses is the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, where they are becoming a preferred option over many other types of bridges, particularly those made from traditional wood and […]

Using Electricians In Glasgow For Repairs

Electricians in Glasgow are a brilliant local service to have. They can be called upon at short notice and are often able to provide quotes for working needing to be completed at little to not cost.  But just how important are electrical repairs in your household and what should you look out for when you […]

Rail Bridges Repair Info

Inspectors often find hundreds of rail bridges need extensive repair. Inspectors also discovered corrosion in concrete pillars, steel anchor plates, rusting girders, and other holes that allow debris to fall through the structure. All of these problems led inspectors to declare some of the bridges in “fair” condition, a higher rating than structural weakness. They […]

Scottish Bridges Need Engineering Companies Glasgow

The bridges in Scotland go through a lot, what with the persistent weather and the constant footfall and traffic levels. All bridges all around the world need constant maintenance, and there are several engineering companies Glasgow has to offer that specialises in the upkeep of bridges. Glasgow as an engineering hub has alot of professional services […]

A Guide To Pedestrian Bridges

A pedestrian bridge is typically a bridge intended only for pedestrian movement. The main purpose of a pedestrian bridge is essentially a structure that connects two points at a certain height above the ground. As the name implies, a pedestrian bridge can also be an elevated structure, like a boardwalk, which allows pedestrians to cross […]

Concrete Repair For Bridges

Over time even the strongest bridges can weaken due to the forces of nature. Bridges have to put up with a lot, not only the constant stream of traffic and pedestrians, but also wind, rain and anything else the elements can throw at them. Most bridges receive regular inspection to ensure that they maintain their […]

New Bridges in the US

Three new bridges will be constructed over the Brazos and Colorado Rivers in the Houston-Galveston area. The Brazos River bridge, a major piece of the new roadway project, has had its share of bumps along the Brazos. Hurricane Harvey did not help the situation. Storm surge from Hurricane Rita and Tropical Storm Allison also caused […]

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