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Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

The Chain Bridge in Budapest is one of the city’s most well known landmarks. The ornate suspension bridge was built in the 19th century to go over the Danube River and connect the then separate cities of Buda and Pest. To the Hungarians the bridge is known as Széchenyi lánchíd. It is named after the Duke […]

Dom Luis I in Porto, Portugal

Dom Luis I Bridge is an iconic structure in Porto, Portugal. One of the five amazing bridges of Porto (together with Dona Maria, Ponte de Infante, Ponte de São João and Arrabida Bridge), Dom Luis I Bridge was built in 1886 to stand as the bridge with the longest iron arch in the world at that time. About Dom […]

The Roman Bridge in Trier, Germany

The Roman Bridge is located in Trier and it spans over the Moselle River. This bridge is the oldest in the country and thus, it represents an inspiration for artists and a popular touristic attraction for the rest of the world. About the Roman Bridge: The oldest city in Germany, Trier was founded in 2000 BC by an Assyrian prince. […]

Siduhe River Bridge in Hubei, China

Bridges have always been impressive; the engineers defy any scientific law by always coming with a new success, which takes your breath just by looking at it. China is not shy to show its ambitions to regain its superpower position in the world; though the fact is proved in different fields, we can also observe how much […]

Tower Bridge in London, UK

Located in close proximity of the Tower of London, Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in London, England, over the river of Thames. Over the years it has really become an iconic symbol of the city of London. In the beginning, the London Bridge was the only one across the river of […]

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